Mayan Coast

Your perfect base to visit beaches, lagoons and archeological sites

Ecotucan is the best place to have your base in the Costa Maya. Visit unforgettable attractions, beautiful beaches and archeological sites, easily explored on a day trip.


Bacalar and Lagoon of Seven Colours

Bacalar Magic Town. The history of this town is longer than we could imagine. It was founded in the year 435 D.C. At the time of the conquest, and during the viceroyalty its population was wiped out by English pirates, French and Dutch for its importance as business area and to be a place plenty of logwood used as an excellent pigment for coloring textiles.

Cenote azul. For its extension this is considered as the largest one of Mexico, as this is 200 mt. wide and 90 mt. deep. Due to its size this is a must for divers.

Fort San Felipe. It was built in 1729 on the banks of the lagoon in order to protect the Spanish population from the English pirates who raided the village. Today it houses a museum of piracy.


Mahahual. In an hour by car you will find the fabulous beaches of the Caribbean, most of them still virgins. On the seafront you can eat cuisine of seafood that the fishermen bring every day. One of the main attractions of Mahahual is its proximity to the Banco Chinchorro, a coral atoll declared a nature reserve, and part of the second largest barrier reef in the world. More info here.

Xcalak. Half an hour away from Mahahual, Xcalak is a small fishermen town and a great place to dive.

Archeological sites

Chacchoben. This is the largest settlement so far detected in the lakes region; only five buildings have explored having different stages of construction, which makes clear the long occupation of the site.

Dzibanche-Kinichna. This is one of the largest and most important settlements in southern Quintana Roo. It occupies an area of just over 40 square kilometers, with different structures of huge architectural monumentality and quality construction. Four groups integrate architectural site: Tutil, Lamay, Kinichna and Dzibanche.

Kohunlich. This is one of the most investigated sites and the archeological site with the largest number of open areas to visit. The reason of this great interest is due to the big architectural differences discovered between the groups explored that revealed previously unknown aspects of daily and ceremonial life of the mayans.

Oxtankah. Less than an hour away from Bacalar, it is the main pre-Hispanic site in Chetumal Bay. Oxtankah put together architecturally attractive structures with the area of the spanish chapel, built on mayan buildings.

More info about archeological sites here.

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