A brief history of Villas Ecotucan and a group of friends

Everything started in 1972 when, for the first time, I visited Bacalar; every year for the following five we spent our holidays there. This marked the beginning of something that later turned into reality.

This is about the possibility to change your mindset, another way to live together with environment, a new peaceful harmony with nature.

We started building Villas Ecotucan in September 2001 together with five workers of the town removing, breaking and sculpting the stones that later we used to build the cabins.

We opened our doors in August 2003 and, since then, we experienced many different adventures, learning how to live together with hurricanes that visited us during those years (“Dean”, 2007 – “Karl”, 2010 – “Ernesto”, 2012).

In 2006Gunnar and Jacqueline, a German couple that was travelling with their van from Alaska to Patagonia, chose Ecotucan to rest some days. They gradually met here their home and started integrating into our project with huge enthusiasm and interest in Bacalar Lagoon ecosystem. They thought up some eco-activities like  kayaks routes, construction of handmade kayaks, bird watching and hiking.

Since then this our team had the chance and pleasure to host many important events and wonderful people like famous "Ruta Quetzal" and "International Stromatolite Symposium" organized by Laguna Bacalar Institute, prominent scientists, studying groups coming from national and foreign universities and countless nature lovers from all over the world.

Hope you will visit us soon,


E c o t u c a n    m e a n s . . .