Our commitment with enviromental conservation

We seek harmony with the environment and take special care with the resources we use, trying to impact our footprint as little as possiblw with our activities.

We like to share this idea with our friends, team members and guests and together maintain these natural resources for future generations.

  • Energia%20electrica
    • 100% solar energy. 
    • We use solar panels and solar water heater.
  • Agua
    • Sewer treatment.

    • Reuse of sewage water for fruit trees irrigation.

    • Saving water as we don not water our gardens and green areas.

    • Capturing rain water (under construction).

  • Basura

    We do our best trying to reduce solid waste; in order to achieve the goal we separate it and, when possible, use it again:

    • Glass

    • Metal

    • PET

    • Batteries

    • Paper and cardboard

    •  Orgánic (compost production) 

  • Eco%20tours
    • All our tours are environment friendly.

    • Our boats do NOT use engines.

    • Our kayaks have been manually produced.

  • Social
    • All our suppliers are local farmers.

    • We respect Mayan culture and its teachings.

    • We reuse the wood of the trees taken down by hurricanes to build our furnitures.

E c o t u c a n    m e a n s . . .